Sponge Filter Cristal Maxi 100L

Cristal Maxi Filter 100 l is a sponge filter, recommended for breeding discus, angelfish, South American cichlids and other fish that prefer low water movement and shrimps.

The sponge filter is used to purify water in aquariums through mechanical and biological filtration. In addition, it aerates the water, enriching it with oxygen. The filtering piece is made of non-toxic foam, resistant to fresh and sea water with different chemical parameters. The structure and large surface of the sponge favor the settling of beneficial microorganisms involved in the biological filtration process.

After immersing the new filter in water, squeeze it thoroughly to remove air from the sponge. Using the suction cups included in the package, we attach it in the desired place, preferably in the lower part of one of the side windows. The hose is connected to the pump - buzzer - or to the air system. The flow of water through the filter is regulated by the amount of injected air. More filters can be installed in the aquarium to increase the effectiveness of water purification. When the layer of impurities on the sponge is clearly visible, carefully remove it from the aquarium and knead it in water at room temperature until most of the sediment is removed, and the small amount left will give rise to a new biological membrane.

Attention! In no case do we boil the sponge or rinse it in hot water, because in this way we would destroy all strains of beneficial microorganisms. The only indication for chemical or thermal disinfection is the occurrence of disease or the invasion of harmful pathogens in the aquarium. After such treatment, the filter must mature again. To speed up the process, we recommend using Bacto-Active. When setting up an aquarium and during water changes, we recommend the use of Antychlor, which removes chlorine and heavy metals from the water. It is also recommended to use Esklarin, which protects living organisms against the harmful effects of raw tap water.

- dimensions: 8x8 cm, L-15 cm


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