pH Test 6.0-7.8

TEST pH 6.0-7.8 aquarium droplet test.

TEST PH 6.0-7.8

TEST pH 6.0-7.8 aquarium droplet test. TEST pH 6.0-7.8 is designed for measuring the pH of fresh aquarium water within the range 6.0-7.8 at intervals of 0.2 pH. Such a wide range of pH, which can be monitored, ensures the precision which is so important for breeders of delicate species of fish, whose health and survival are determined by the proper pH value. The test also helps to monitor the pH level while adjusting the level in already established tanks. It should also be borne in mind that fish will not tolerate rapid changes in pH, which may cause severe damage to the delicate skin, gills, fins, and eyes. The change of pH level should not be higher than 0.2 pH a day.

TEST pH 6.0-7.8 quickly and easily indicates whether the water in the aquarium is safe for the fish kept.


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