Carbolit 1l/676,5g /filter media/

CARBOLIT complex filter medium. 

CARBOLIT complex filter medium. CARBOLIT is a high quality complex filter medium, which combines activated coconut carbon and zeolite in the ratio 1:1. Activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell is the most efficient of all activated carbons. It effectively removes substances that affect the colour and smell of the water, as well as chlorine and many toxic compounds and ions of some heavy metals. The action of the coconut carbon is supplemented by a natural, porous mineral from the zeolite group, removes ammonium ions (NH4+), toxic ions of heavy metals as well as organochlorine compounds. The combination of these two exceptional filter media makes it possible to obtain ideal crystal-clear water. CARBOLIT can also be useful in the aquarium following the completion of medical treatment.


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