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Following models are available for order:
Althea 6x24W T5 - 350x600mm
Althea 6x39W T5 - 350x900mm
Althea 6x54W T5 - 350x1200mm
Althea 6x80W T5 - 350x1500mm
Althea 8x24W T5 - 450x600mm
Althea 8x39W T5 - 450x900mm
Althea 8x54W T5 - 450x1200mm
Althea 8x80W T5 - 450x1500mm

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€ 447.15


€ 447.15

Althea T5 is our answer for all aquarists which expect power full and very efficient T5 fixtures with a "little bit" of artificial intelligence (builtin WiFi computer).
This lamp, as first on market use low speed, ultra quiet 120mm fans with unmatchable to other fixtures efficiency.
Thanks that internal T5 bulbs temperature oscillate about 35 Celsius degree which guarantee perfect condition for reaching highest efficiency from used T5 bulbs.

Included controller inform Customer when each pair of T5 tubes should be replaced(after reaching estimated lifetime).
Lamp can be configured by very easy mobile apps working on iOS and Android environment.Additionally, builtin USB port allow for future firmware updates which guarantee that lamp will be ready for any other firmware updates/upgrades.
Included acrylic shield with anti-sagging system.

Models with 8 pcs bulbs use 3 pcs 120mm fans, models with 6 pcs bulbs use 2 pcs 120mm fans.

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