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Blacklarin 50ml

BLACKLARIN blackwater conditioner. 

BLACKLARIN blackwater conditioner. TROPICAL BLACKLARIN with peat extract for conditioning tap water intended for aquarium use. Recommended particularly for starting new tanks with blackwater environment, during water changes, quarantine and convalescence periods in these tanks (refers to popular neon tetras, tetras, other characins, angelfish, discus and South American dwarf cichlids etc.). It neutralises poisonous heavy metal salts. It protects fish against aggressive activity of tap water and alleviates stress. Peat extract is the source of humic acids and tannins, which make the environment of the tank safe and healthy. These substances prove extremely useful in case of fish weakened by transportation, acclimatizing to new conditions, fish suffering from skin erosions and wounds and after considerable changes of water. BLACKLARIN accelerates the regeneration of epidermis, mucus coating and fins of the fish.


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