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Ketapang Extract 50ml



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KETAPANG sea almond leaves – a natural conditioner for freshwater tanks. KETAPANG is dried and crumbled sea almond leaves (Terminalia catappa), which improves the quality of aquarium water. KETAPANG adds natural tannins and humic acids and slightly lower pH level to make water biotope-correct for fish from softwater, acidic habitats.

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€ 2.43


€ 2.43


KETAPANG EXTRACT product for preparing black water. TROPICAL KETAPANG EXTRACT is a sea almond leaves extract (Terminalia catappa) for establishing water conditions that facilitate breeding of ornamental fish and shrimps. Releases natural tannins and humic acids to create living conditions similar to those in which blackwater fish live. Prophylactic properties of sea almond leaves have been used in natural medicine for centuries. Asian ornamental fish breeders use sea almond leaves to protect the eggs, which increases the hatch and survival rates. In tanks, where sea almond leaves are used, skin problems occur only occasionally. One rarely observes fish rubbing against elements of equipment or decorations. The decrease in the number of fish suffering from diseases caused by microorganisms has also been noted. Fish and shrimps living in water with sea almond leaves extract show better coloration, condition and readiness to spawn.

KETAPANG EXTRACT effectively protects the eggs, accelerates the regeneration of epidermis, mucus coating and fins of the fish.

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