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Cichlid Spirulina Large Sticks 250ML/75G



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CICHLID SPIRULINA LARGE STICKS vegetable food for large cichlids.

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€ 5.99

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CICHLID SPIRULINA LARGE STICKS vegetable food for large cichlids. Vegetable floating sticks for everyday feeding of large cichlids with a high dietary demand for plant material, e.g.: herbivorous Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group. Vegetable sticks are also perfect dietary supplementation for omnivorous cichlids and other large fish. Fibre and spirulina facilitate digestion, prevent fatty degenerations and inflammatory disorders of the alimentary tract, protecting fish against dangerous consequences of constipations. Fish's natural immunity is enhanced by substances from spirulina and stabilised vitamin C.

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Complete feedingstuff for ornamental fish. Ingredients: derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extracts, algae (Spirulina platensis min. 3%), cereals, fish and fish derivatives, molluscs and crustaceans, yeasts, oils and fats, minerals. Additives: Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: vit. A 30 000 IU/kg, vit. D3 1 900 IU/kg, vit. E 100 mg/kg, vit. C 350 mg/kg. Compounds of trace elements: E1 iron 41.8 mg/kg, E6 zinc 11.6 mg/kg, E5 manganese 8.7 mg/kg, E4 copper 2.1 mg/kg, E2 iodine 0.26 mg/kg, E8 selenium 0.26 mg/kg, E7 molybdenum 0.06 mg/kg, E3 cobalt 0.01 mg/kg. Colourants. Antioxidants. Analytical constituents: crude protein 48.0%, crude oils and fats 7.0%, crude fibres 3.2%, moisture 10.0%.

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