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Celtic Treats - Beef Gullet Flat (bulk) 5kg



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1% fat only! Made from 100% pure beef, this is a low fat alternative for dogs with weight issues. They are specially created as a chew toy and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Beef Gullet Flat or Round
Dried beef gullet jerky chews, made from 100% pure meat and very low-fat. Suitable for dogs with weight problems.
These tasty dog chews are made from dried beef gullet. The pre-portioned pieces are just right for a delicious chewing session.
All breeds of dogs, whether small or large, will enjoy these beef jerky chews, especially as each chew only contains 1% fat.
The perfect guilt-free treat for your dog.
- is gently dried and maintain its original condition
- natural taste and becomes a true snack that your dog cannot resist
- used as a snack between meals or as a chew toy that is irresistible to your dog due to the pleasure of chewing
- incredible toughness it is just perfect for dogs which love to chew and bite

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