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Multimineral 50ml



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COMPOSITION: 10 ml of product contains: boron (B) 1.2 mg, cobalt (Co) 0.2 mg, copper (Cu) 0.5 mg, iron (Fe) 8.0 mg, manganese (Mn) 0.3 mg, molybdenum (Mo) 0.2 mg, zinc (Zn) 0.2 mg.

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MULTIMINERAL preparation with trace elements for freshwater tanks. Preparation to supplement your tank with indispensable trace elements. Both fish and plants continuously assimilate trace elements, indispensable for many vital processes, and hence their content in water gradually decreases. Trace element deficiency is a cause of many diseases and abnormalities in fish development, usually irreparable. To prevent trace element deficiency we recommend using MULTIMINERAL after each water change and additionally in times of greater demand such as convalescence, spawning, after using active carbon etc.

DOSAGE: 10 ml/100 litres of water.

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