Marine Power REEF BASE SALT 10kg

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MARINE POWER REEF BASE SALT MARINE POWER REEF BASE SALT Natural levels of macronutrients Creates appropriate environment for marine aquarium Special formula for young system Recommended for: soft corals LPS/SPS fish only system
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Professional aquarium salt intended for all types of marine tanks. Its composition is based on parameters of coral reef waters, which gives solid base for all types of marine tanks. In young aquaria it facilitates maturation and in mature ones it facilitates supplementation and perfectly balances the water composition, ensuring optimal parameters for all aquarium inhabitants. Contains macronutrients and trace elements to ensure stabilization in the tank and proper development of corals. Perfect for tanks with soft corals and with additional supplementation (with Marine Power Easy products) for most demanding LPS and SPS tanks.

Add amount of salt suitable for your tank into a container with RODI water (deionised and reverse osmosis water) at a temperature of 25°C, stirring for about 20-30 minutes. After this time, the brine is ready for use. To obtain salinity of 33 ppt approximately 390 g of salt should be dissolved in 10 l (2.6 US gal) of water.

Initial clouding of the water is a natural symptom and should clear within 15 minutes of stirring. Before use, we recommend checking the salinity level of the brine obtained and, if necessary, correcting the salt dose.

Store in the original, tightly closed container and in a dry place out of the reach of children and animals. Incorrect storage conditions may deteriorate the quality of the salt. Do not eat. Keep away from food. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water several times.


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