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nanoLED 10



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NanoLed sets are our specialists of nano-aquaristics. They will let the shrimp and other small organisms enthusiasts set up their mini aquarium in great style.

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€ 81.00

€ 81.00

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NanoLED 10 set contains:

  • rectangular aquarium 20x20x25 cm,
  • set of plastic corners,
  • glass to cover the top of the tank,
  • aluminum Led lighting 4.3W
  • internal filter with flow regulation and complete set of hoses and endings 200 L/H
  • water heater with a thermostat 50W,
  • gratis: samples of fish food and Aquariums keeper's guide by Tropical. 

Diodes used in our products supply exquisite light quality and save upto 90% of energy in comparison to standard lighting. LED lighting ischaracterized by very long liveness and from 1W of power we can get up to 4 times more light. This type of lighting is meant for freshwater tanks.


Length : 20 cm
Width : 20 cm
Height : 25 cm
Volume : 10 dm3
Thickness : 3 mm
Lighting : 4.3 W
Temperature : 6500 K

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