Celtic Treats - Beef Gullet Flat 150g (box of 60)

Our all-time favourite Beef Jerky

A healthy and delicious treat for puppies to senior dogs

Beef Gullet Flat or Round
Dried beef gullet jerky chews, made from 100% pure meat and very low-fat. Suitable for dogs with weight problems.
These tasty dog chews are made from dried beef gullet. The pre-portioned pieces are just right for a delicious chewing session.
All breeds of dogs, whether small or large, will enjoy these beef jerky chews, especially as each chew only contains 1% fat.

The perfect guilt-free treat for your dog.

  • is gently dried and maintain its original condition.
  • natural taste and becomes a true snack that your dog cannot resist.
  • used as a snack between meals or as a chew toy that is irresistible to your dog due to the pleasure of chewing.
  • incredible toughness it is just perfect for dogs which love to chew and bite.

The information in parentheses is for those who wish to purchase the entire carton of this product. The auctioned product is sold individually.


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