Celtic Treats - Beef Liver 250g (box of 65)

High in protein, vitamins and nutrients, Beef liver is great as a treat and can also be used to as part of your dog's balanced diet. A high energy product that your pet will love.

Why Liver's Good?
Liver and other organ meats are high in nutritional value. Liver is an ideal source of protein, vitamin A and Iron, good fatty acids and many other minerals and nutrients. Your pooch (dog or cat) can benefit from a little liver in his diet as a treat or as a main part of the meal a few times a week.


This product is made of 100% Beef, without the addition of grain, chemicals, preservatives or other extenders.

The information in parentheses is for those who wish to purchase the entire carton of this product. The auctioned product is sold individually.


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