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Celtic Treats - Beef Hearts 5kg (bulk)

Energy booster treat for dogs: Beef Heart

Healthy and delicious treat for all types of breeds.

Organ meats deserve rethinking where the dog’s dinner is concerned. Referred to as offal, organ meat such as heart, stomach or lung are very rich in high-grade protein, minerals and vitamins. They are a great source of valuable nutrients and naturally low in calories. In fact, feeding muscle meat alone can cause nutrient deficiencies. A dog in the wild would know better than to eat only the muscle meat. Remember: The dog’s ancestor living in the wild are eaten whole raw prey including offals, fur, bones and cartilage.

Our all-natural and gently dried Beef Heart dog treats are low in fat, have a tender texture and are the ideal snack for all dogs, but especially suitable for puppies and seniors as well as overweight dogs. Celtic treats Beef Heart treats are air dried in a fan oven without smoke. These treats are all-natural and 100% Beef, without artificial colourings or preservatives. Suitable for all types of breeds!

Our Beef Heart dog treats have a size of approx. 5 x 5 cm.

 All benefits at a glance:

  • 100% Beef
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • Single-source protein
  • Low in calories
  • Handy size

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