Celtic Treats - Deer Legs with fur 100 pieces (bulk)

Playing with the leg, and we are not talking only about deer here, dogs have to eat: fur/fur, skin, tendons, claw, bone and marrow, which keeps them occupied for a long time and ensures a varied diet. In its natural form, this part is strongly supplied with blood.

Like all venison chews, it contains very little fat and is a source of joint-strengthening collagen. The fur helps to massage the gums, clean the teeth and supports the bowel cleansing processes. The chew is a supplement to a dog's balanced diet - use under the supervision of the owner as a reward or to satisfy the natural need to chew. Provide access to fresh water. Store in a dry, cool place. The product may grease/stain fabrics and carpets. Composition: 100% venison Analytical components: - crude protein: 86.1% - crude fat: 8% - humidity: 5.9% Celtic Treats products are: • fully natural and unprocessed: no additives, preservatives, dyes or bleaches • safe thanks to thermal pasteurization • great for cleaning teeth • they do not contain chemical enhancers • dried, not smoked, so they do not contain ash • they do not lose their nutritional value NOTE : Administer to the dog under the supervision of the owner with access to fresh water. Store in a dry, cool place. Not for human consumption.



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