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Koi Crossant Colour 5l/1200g -bucket



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€ 24.50


€ 24.50

KOI CROISSANT COLOR two-colour sticks with garlic for Koi. Multi-ingredient food in the form of attractive, two-colour, floating sticks in the croissant-like shape. Intended for everyday feeding of koi, Carassius, golden tenches and other cyprinids in the pond. Astaxanthin and carotenoids present in pepper and Marigold flower intensify fish's coloration and enhance their overall health and condition. Plant material, rich in fibre, regulates digestive processes. Garlic extract encourages fish's immune system and facilitates digestion. Sticks do not disintegrate in water, preventing contamination. Due to the lowered phosphorus content the food does not contribute to algae development. Regular feeding with KOI CROISSANT COLOR ensures fish's excellent condition as well as bright and vivid coloration.

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