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Meal Worms 100ml/13g



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MEAL WORMS dried larvae of mealworms.

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€ 2.11


MEAL WORMS dried larvae of mealworms. Dried larvae of mealworms are a perfect, high-energy food for reptiles and large aquarium fish. Drying technique maintains maximum nutritional quality of fresh larvae, guarantees long storage and makes the food very handy. We recommend supplementing MEALWORMS with vitamin-mineral preparation VIGOREPT.

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MEAL WORMS for reptiles and large ornamental fish. Feed material: dried mealworms (Tenebrio molitor). Analytical constituents: crude protein 54.0%, crude fat 25.0%, crude fibres 7.0%, moisture 7.5%.

CAUTION! This product may cause an allergic reaction in humans.

Minor variations in appearance, texture and aroma of the product are possible, due to periodic variations in the characteristics of raw materials of natural origin.

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