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We are the first company in both Limerick and Ireland, which introduces such a wide range of feeds, supplements, food and delicacies made from natural ingredients for pets. The products include a wide range of dried fruits and vegetables and plant feed for rabbits and rodents, exotic bird feed, dog, cat, turtle and lizard delicacies.

The high quality of the products we sell will allow you to fully ensure the healthy diet of your pet.

  • Delivery

    If you can not pick up the goods at our office, we can send you throughout Ireland

  • Telephone support

    If you are not sure which product to choose for your pet, call us, we will help you choose the right one

  • Payment secured

    All payments made on our site are fully secured

A brand that is worth trusting

It's worth trusting us

We are the only and authorized representative of Tropical in Ireland and Northern Ireland

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