Cardina Nano Sticks 10g

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CARIDINA NANO STICKS micro sticks for dwarf shrimps.

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CARIDINA NANO STICKS micro sticks for dwarf shrimps. CARIDINA NANO STICKS is a multi-ingredient food in the form of sinking micro sticks intended for everyday feeding of dwarf shrimps such as babaulti, red cherry, biene, tiger shrimp, blue shrimp, crystal red, especially young specimens, and other aquatic crustaceans, including marine ones. CARIDINA NANO STICKS do not disintegrate in water. The addition of spirulina (6%) is the source of natural carotenoids, vitamins, trace elements and active substances enhancing the immune system. The sticks contain the increased amount of calcium, which is indispensable for proper shape and development of crustaceans' shells. Regular feeding with CARIDINA NANO STICKS ensures excellent condition and health in crustaceans.

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