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Bionautic Flakes 250ml/50g

MARINE FLAKES flakes for marine fish. 

MARINE FLAKES flakes for marine fish. Multi-ingredient flakes for everyday feeding of omnivorous small and medium marine fish such as Acanthurus japonicus, Amphiprion clarkii, Amphiprion ocellaris, Centropyge bicolor, Chaetodon auriga, Chelmon rostratus, Zebrasoma flavescens and crustaceans. The food contains mostly raw materials of marine origin, which ensure excellent condition of fish. Another valuable ingredient is spirulina (8,75%), rich in easily assimilable protein, vitamins, trace elements and natural carotenoids. Spirulina facilitates proper functioning of fish's alimentary tract, protecting them against dangerous consequences of constipations. Try also: Bionautic


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