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Tropifit Chinchilla - 3l/1,5kg

Complete food for chinchillas with carrot and beetroot. 

Complete food for chinchillas with carrot and beetroot. The basic components of CHINCHILLA are granulated grains and alfalfa, obtained through extrusion, which increases digestibility and assimilability of the nutrients contained in grains and alfalfa. Moreover, extrusion technology eliminates bacteria and fungi existing in raw materials. Proper size and shapes of the granules help chinchillas’ teeth wear down and ensure proper oral hygiene. A great choice of multi-ingredient granules prevents selective eating and Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides regulate digestion processes and stimulate intestinal micro flora. A variety of nutrients, vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements from natural sources ensures excellent condition and beautiful fur in chinchillas.

Complete feeding stuff for chinchillas. Ingredients: derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables, seeds, fruit. Additives: colourants. Analytical constituents: crude protein 16.0%, crude oils and fats 5.0%, crude fibres 10.5%, moisture 12.0%.

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