Sanirept 15 ml

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SANIREPT a preparation with caryophyllus oil for tortoises’ shell. 

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SANIREPT a preparation with caryophyllus oil for tortoises’ shell. Tortoises shell reflects their overall condition. Inappropriate diet, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals as well as kidney disorders may result in irreversible shell deformations. Therefore, a number of conditions should be met in order to ensure healthy shell. Proper living conditions must be guaranteed (clean and spacious terrarium, proper humidity, temperature and lightning) and carefully balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D3 provided. The shell should always be clean. It is also recommended to oil the shell with SANIREPT (with caryophyllus oil) after each bath. This way it will remain glossy and healthy looking. Caryophyllus oil is an antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal agent. It also fights saprophyte, protozoan and repels parasites.

Application: Oil the tortoise’s shell with Sanirept 1-2 times a week.


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