Microvit Vegetable 50ml/32g

MIKROVIT VEGETABLE vegetable food for fry. 

MIKROVIT VEGETABLE vegetable food for fry. Vegetable food for the fry, meticulously crumbled so that small fish can easily eat it. An exceptionally rich formula is characterised by a high share of plant material, including nettle, spinach and spirulina. That is why it satisfies all nutritional needs of young fish with a high dietary demand for plant material (e.g.: live bearing fish). Optimally balanced vitamins and trace elements guarantee proper growth and development of fry, preventing all irreversible damages which may be caused by the shortage of any of these substances. To vary the diet of the fry we recommend supplementing MIKROVIT VEGETABLE with other MIKROVIT products. Feeding should be started after the yolk sac disappeared. Feed the fry with small but frequent portions. Remove uneaten food from the bottom or introduce snails, which will eat the leftovers. Try also: Mikrovit Spirulina


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